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Amy Chan Sau Man

Fated Love

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Music and Videos
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Fated Love


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  • Chinese:天長地久
  • Cantonese:Tien Churng Day Kau
  • Vietnamese: Thien Trường Địa Cữu


  • Sung by Amy Chan Sau Man


During 1930s, the city of Shanghai fills with foreigners, while the rich are very rich, the poor are struggling to live comfortably until the Japanese invades China.  Some of the rich man’s business falls apart unless they are willing to co-operate with the Japanese. This story portrays the elements of love, fate, hatred, revenge and destiny.



Amy Chan Sau Man – Choi Yit

Steve Ma Jing Tao – Sau Nam

Carrie Ng Kar Lai –  Joy Mei

Har Yu – Siew Tin




Choi Yit (Amy Chan) comes from a modest family and lives in Shanghai with her parents. Her father is a retired teacher and her mother used to lived in a very rich family but later eloped with her father when he was Amy’s mother personal teacher. Both of them settle down in Shanghai and has two daughters. The eldest daughter is the mistress of a rich businessman and the younger daughter, Choi Yit (Amy Chan) is a sweet naïve girl with natural beauty but yet she is a strong and a caring person. Her best friend is her neighbor Siew Tin (Har Yu) who is always helpful to her and her family whenever they have troubles. Har Yu also has a sister, Siew Fah who always thinks of marrying a rich man and looking for fame and fortune.


Sau Nam (Steve Ma) is a tall, dark and handsome man, whose all the girls love to surround him. He is also well known in Shanghai as one of the playboys between the other two brothers in the rich family. Sau Nam is the second son; there is also an elder son who is married to a wife who looks down at the poor and loves gossiping. He is also a womanizer and attempts to sexually harass one of the servants in the house. The youngest son who is still single, rotten and a womanizer.


Their father is a humble man that has a huge business in Shanghai and works closely with one of the ministers who is even richer and more powerful than him. Overall, people dislike the elder and youngest son due to their ignorance. Since they think they are the rich man’s sons they don’t help out their father’s business but spend the money on women, alcohol and entertainment. Sau Nam’s personality is very much different than his two brothers; he is kind, caring and a helpful man.


The rich minister who is supposed to be very close friend of Sau Nam’s father has a daughter. Her name is Joy Mei (Carrie Ng) who grew up with Sau Nam since they were kids. Joy Mei is a spoilt rich girl and nothing can fail her in things she wants. Joy Mei and Sau Nam were engaged a few years ago but Joy Mei left Sau Nam for England in 3 years, testing their love and loyalty to each other.  One day, she decides to go back to Shanghai to get marry with Sau Nam.


Unfortunately, Sau Nam’s heart is with somebody else which is his dream girl, Choi Yit. He can’t stop thinking about her even though he knows he is engaged and will be marry to Joy Mei. What makes it worst? Joy Mei and Choi Yit become best friends. This creates a love triangle relationship. When Choi Yit finds out that Joy Mei is Sau Nam’s fiancée, she starts to back off so that she won’t break them apart. But Sau Nam keeps going to Choi Yit for his heart is no longer with Joy Mei. What a complicated relationship, right?


The love relationship starts when Sau Nam and Choi Yit are walking alone in the city of Shanghai after going through many unhappiness of their immediate family’s wedding. Both of them don’t know each other at all while they are sitting on a bus. Choi Yit has a sad look and starts to break into tears when thinking about her sister’s wedding while Sau Nam who sits at the other end of the tram is also feeling sad, a little drunk due to his father’s wed to a secretary whom is half his age. Somehow, at the corner of Sau Nam’s eyes, Choi Yit’s beauty caught him and he can’t stop staring at her. It was like love at the first sight feeling, Choi Yit’s beauty captures his heart. On the other hand, Choi Yit thinks he is yet another rich playboy who tries to get fresh with her. Immediately she gets off the bus and Sau Nam believes he will never see her again.


But fate brings them together when Choi Yit wants to save enough money to buy the pearl necklace from one of the antique store. Her parents had to pawn the pearl necklace to get some money to survive during the turbulent time (they are poor after eloping to Shanghai). So, her good friend, Siew Tin, tries to help her to earn some extra money but they need $1,000 to get the necklace! During the olden days, $1,000 is a lot of money. In order to please her Mother, where is Choi Yit going to have so much money?


Siew Tin’s sister enters a beauty pageant contest.  Just before the contest's day, she falls sick and instead, Choi Yit uses her name to enter the pageant. Surprisingly, one of the judges is Sau Nam and his other two brothers. Her beauty during the pageant takes Sau Nam’s breath away.  He gives her high scores. Choi Yit wins the pageant with $1,000 to buy the necklace. The next day, Sau Nam takes a lot of interest in Choi Yit and looks at her beauty pageant application, not knowing she is using Siew Fah’s name and saw that her birthday is tomorrow! He plans to do something special for her.


As for Choi Yit, she is so happy in winning the money, she goes back to the antique store to make sure that the necklace is still there. Sau Nam sees her standing outside the store looking at the window for the necklace. After Choi Yit leaves the store to go collect the $1,000, Sau Nam goes on and bought the necklace! By the afternoon, when Choi Yit is happily holding the $1,000 in her hand, the owner of the antique store says the necklace had been sold to someone else. Choi Yit is disappointed and goes home telling her parents that the pearl necklace is gone. Will Sau Nam get a chance to give the pearl necklace to Choi Yit for her “birthday”?


A few months later, Choi Yit lost her job and Siew Tin introduces her to work in his company, as a secretary. Siew Tin works as a dispatch clerk. Again, fate brought Sau Nam and Choi Yit together. Sau Nam’s office is just next to the wall where Choi Yit sits. One day, he ses a little hole from a slight damaging of the wall, he starts to peep on the hole and he ses Choi Yit! Sau Nam is so happy and he tells himself he must chase her, until she falls in love with him. Everyday, Sau Nam looks forward going to work so that he can peep at Choi Yit from his office (he used to be not caring about his father’s business at all). One day, he is leaning on the wall peeping at Choi Yit again and suddenly the whole wall collapses. He falls over.  Siew Tin is as usual, very protective of Choi Yit. He keeps warning Choi Yit to be careful of the rich playboy like Sau Nam.


One morning, Choi Yit’s boss announces that his company has to merge with Sau Nam’s  due to financial difficulties. All his workers will now work for Sau Nam’s company and Choi Yit has no choice but to work there. Now, it is even a better opportunity for Sau Nam to admire Choi Yit everyday. Choi Yit tries to stay away from him but he keeps chasing after her until he even follows her back home. Choi Yit warns Sau Nam to stop follow her and leave her alone but Sau Nam won't give up.


Sau Nam has to go to Nanking for a business trip to sign a contract. Sau Nam’s assistant injures his leg, therefore can't come. He suggestes Choi Yit to go with Sau Nam instead. Choi Yit keeps asking Joy Mei to go with them but she doesn’t want to because the trip is not a pleasure but business. Joy Mei encourages Choi Yit to go with Sau Nam and watches out for Sau Nam so he will not flirt around with other women in Nanking. Unknowingly, with both of them spending times together in Nanking, Choi Yit admitts in her diary that she has already falls in love with Sau Nam for his looks, kindness and caring personality.


When Sau Nam accidentaly read her diary in her hotel room, he is very happy knowing that Choi Yit loves him. On the night before they depart Nanking, rain pours heavily and Sau Nam wants Choi Yit to tell him that she loves him.  Choi Yit can not admit it because she doesn’t want to betray her best friend, Joy Mei. She keeps saying that this is just a dream, a fantasy, until finally Sau Nam kisses her! Well, Joy Mei decides go to Nanking to give her fiancé a surprise but sees them kissing in the rain. What is next in this complicate relationship?


When they are back to Shanghai, right away Joy Mei wants to get marry with Sau Nam. She starts arranging for her wedding and sends out invitations to friends and relatives. She purposely asks Choi Yit to be one of her bridesmaid but Choi Yit rejects. When the wedding day comes, Joy Mei looks beautiful in her wedding gown besides Sau Nam, all   dresses in a white tuxedo, looking handsome. When they are in the church, Sau Nam is still hesitant to walk to the altar with Joy Mei. He is still thinking of Choi Yit. Where is Choi Yit on their wedding day? Well, she is heart broken and Siew Tin tries to comfort her. She cries and saying that she can’t break her best friend’s wedding and loves her best friend’s fiancé. Siew Tin comforts Choi Yit she has to forget about Sau Nam and moves on with her life. At the same time, Siew Tin broke out his silence that he has feelings for Choi Yit for a long time!  Choi Yit is confused now with these two men, who loves her.


Back in the church, as Sau Nam is waiting for Joy Mei at the altar, when the priest asks them to say “Till Death Do Us Part”, Sau Nam can’t say it and he walks away! Now, the whole Shanghai knew and blame Choi Yit for breaking up their marriage. Reporters start flocking to Choi Yit’s house and give her no peace. Poor Choi Yit, being a simple naïve girl becomes the victim of the third party in a love relationship.


After confronting to his father that he only loves Choi Yit, his father is an understanding man and says that she must be very special to change his son to a loyal man. Finally, after all the hard times Sau Nam has, his father consents that Choi Yit shall marry Sau Nam.  He welcomes her to the Fu family. Joy Mei attends their wedding but she pretends that she is happy for them. But behind them, she has other intentions to break their marriage. She hires a Feng Shui Master to satisfy her curiosity about their faith. She gives the Feng Shui Master Sau Nam and Choi Yit’s date of birth and asks him about their fate. The Feng Shui Master tells her that both of them are heavenly match and nothing will break them apart. They are fated to love each other.


Joy Mei loves Sau Nam very, very much that she will do anything to win his heart back. But Sau Nam only has one girl in his heart that is Choi Yit.  What is Joy Mei’s plan/plans to win Sau Nam back to her? Will she go against what the Feng Shui Master told her that nothing will break them apart since this couple is fated for love?



This story is highly recommended to watch. It is filled of meaningful in life and how people will go through difficult times on love and revenge but never to give up. As the saying goes, “Good things will happen for those who wait”.


by: Bubcas

(Allison Marsongko)


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